Founding partners Frances, Anthony and Alex met as undergraduates at Newcastle University in 2004.  They went on to gain experience at leading practices around the world, before establishing Whitman Wilde in 2017. Individually they have different strengths and interests that combine to form a team that is greater than the sum of its parts. Together, they deliver every aspect of architectural service, from initial concept through to completion.


Alex Bauman-Lyons

Alex is interested in the broader issues surrounding the built environment – both the factors that influence the construction and property industry and the wider impact that buildings can have on society. He strongly believes that architects can not work in isolation and an understanding of macro societal, economic and political factors is essential for architecture to be successful.

This spirit of openness, curiosity and collaboration has led to work in a range of sectors both in the UK and abroad. From restaurants in Dubai to offices in Leeds, Alex always looks at the wider context to better understand the end user’s needs.

Prior to starting Whitman Wilde, Alex has lived and worked in London, New York and Buenos Aires. He gained experience working on major infrastructure projects such as Croton water treatment plant, New York and London Bridge Station whilst working at Grimshaw. During his time at Duggan Morris, he worked predominately in the office sector, delivering The Loom – an RIBA award-winning project in London.

He is currently a trustee of Fundacion 21, a charity that raises money to support community-led action groups in the shanty towns of Buenos Aires. He is a board member of MassBespoke, an off-site construction company focused on delivering affordable

Frances Whittingham

Frances has worked widely across the industry as both an architect and design manager. She has a strong influence in the managerial and organisational side of projects and steers these both creatively and logistically.

Having worked primarily on residential projects, Frances has a range of experience across the sector, from bespoke homes and high-end residential developments to student housing. Frances has worked extensively with both interior and urban designers and has also worked client-side to deliver estate regeneration schemes across the London boroughs. Working in collaboration with large teams and stakeholder groups has provided her with a sympathetic approach to the day to day needs of a building’s users. Frances seeks to find elegant and sophisticated design solutions within a client’s budget and programme.

Frances previously worked at Stanton Williams on a number of large scale residential developments and the winning Museum of London competition entry. Frances is currently a Part III tutor at Brighton University and is a guest critic at both Brighton and Cardiff University.

Anthony Cowan

Anthony is fascinated by the building process and the way things are made. As a passionate designer, he enjoys approaching each problem from first principles and is able to combine imaginative and innovative ideas with the technical knowledge needed to deliver them. Anthony believes design is an iterative process of testing, making and interrogating. It is this level of interrogation in the studio that elevates the quality of all of our projects.

He is interested in the craft of construction and it was this attention to detail that was integral to the successful transformation of a historic building in the heart of Islington conservation area into a contemporary home.

Prior to Whitman Wilde, Anthony spent five years at Stanton Williams and was instrumental to the delivery of the award winning Cambridge Judge Business School extension. Anthony brings experience of office design across a range of budgets, from commercial fit-outs such as the Mailbox Birmingham, to stripped-back co-working spaces in emerging regional cities such as the Southside Building.